View Full Version : Formatting hard disc

17-08-1999, 05:06 PM
I have recently added a second hard disc to my system(Pentium 133,WIN98,48MB RAM,1.2GB H/D and 4.3GB H/D). I used the Seagate disc manager software to copy the contents of the old drive onto the new drive.

I want now to wipe the old drive clean (I will probably put the swap file and some programmes on the old drive) but am a little confused about the process of formatting. I have the following questions:

I presume the best way to do the format is through 'My computer' - select the old drive (D), choose Format - and full erase?

Is there anything else required then to start storing data on the old drive?(I gather there is no need to have a copy of windows on this drive)

In the future, how do I uninstall a programe from the old drive? That is, does the 'add/remove' section of control panel apply to both hard discs?

If I have the same programme on both hard discs, how does the computer sort out which one it accesses?

Any comments would be appreciated(Press F1 has been a lifesaver)


Darryl Lennane