View Full Version : Yahoo LockOut?

08-08-2002, 07:07 PM
Paid for pop e-mail on my yahoo account and left it to run auto each day for 4 months while I did other things. Went to geocities last week to access my website and things just deterioated from there. I quess that even though I am a paying customer, if I don't manually visit them often I will get 'LockedOut'. I have tried all their online support suggestions and got nowhere. I thought I would phone them direct but cannot locate such support info anywhere. I need to get them directly because all their auto-responders just keep looping. I want my paid for account back but with possible dead alternate e-mail addresses and the like I cannot get another password to sort things out. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome BUT DO SEND them to janfrank@quicksilver.net.nz because my supplied e-mail here (Frank@snapafun.com) is not available from yahoo at present. I am even prepared to call AustraliaYahoo or even USA but haven't the right info. Anyone please. Regards. Snapafun