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06-08-2002, 10:25 PM
Gone Gold (http://www.gonegold.com/)have reported that Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt expansion pack has gone gold and will be shipping to stores in the US from August 13.

Yahoo News has a report that under the anti-trust settlement Microsoft will reveal its Windows Code (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&ncid=578&e=2&cid=578&u=/nm/20020805/ts_nm/microsoft_code_dc_16). Over the next several weeks Microsoft will disclose 385 bits of computer code and internal operating rules, previously kept secret, that outside software developers can use to write programs to run on Windows. Here is a bit more:
Microsoft said in addition to 272 pieces of code it also would reveal 113 proprietary software 'protocols' that computer server makers can license to make their machines work better with Windows desktops." The article also goes into the steps still being sought by the nine states that have not accepted terms of this compromise with Microsoft.

Activision has sent word that future patches for Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix will include PunkBuster Online Countermeasures (http://www.evenbalance.com/) support. Here's what they said:
We are pleased to announce that Even Balance, Inc. is working on integrating PunkBuster into Soldier of Fortuneģ II: Double Helix © by Activision and Raven Software. We will release more details here as they become available. Any PB supporters who have specific knowledge of where to download hacks and cheats for multiplayer SOF2 should send information to research@evenbalance.com (mailto:research@evenbalance.com).

Presenter3D have posted up a demonstration of rendering using nVidia's new Cg language. This is part of the blurb that goes with the shots:
The following images are real-time screen shots (not pre-rendered images) showing some of the new sophisticated real-time shaders made possible using the NVIDIA Cg technology. Note that the reflections change in real-time as you navigate through your scene, and that hardware Anti-Alaising (4x, 9-tap Gaussian) is being used from the Quadro4 900XGL card.
Check out the shots over here (http://www.presenter3d.com/Cg_Preview.htm).

Apple has announced that they have made a PC compatible version of their iPod (http://www.apple.com/ipod/specs.html)player. The PC version requires a FireWire card and Windows Me/2000 or XP. Here are some of the juicy details of what the player can do:
Small though it is, the iPod packs a lot of storage. The number of songs it holds depends on the compression rate you choose. At a 160Kbps compression rate (the default setting for encoding MP3s in iTunes), 20GB equals approximately 4,000 songs, or about 400 CDs. At 128Kbps - the most popular compression rate people use for MP3s - 20GB is equivalent to approximately 5,200 songs, or about 520 CDs. Thatís how big it is on the inside. And with that much space, you might also find yourself storing documents, files and applications on your iPod in FireWire disk mode.
iPodís rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives you 10 hours of continuous playback. In a hurry to get it recharged? Fast-charge the battery to 80% of capacity in an hour, and get it fully recharged in three hours. FireWire charges your iPod battery whenever itís connected to your Mac. So iPod automatically charges while youíre transferring your music.
With an industry-leading 20 minutes of skip protection, iPod keeps playing without missing a beat. iPod has a 32MB solid-state memory cache, meaning that it has no mechanical or moving parts. Skip protection works by continually preloading up to 20 minutes of music into the cache, so your iPod is not affected by sudden movements.
You can check the rest of the specs and try out the nifty hands-on demo at the link above.

Anandtech (http://www.anandtech.com) has posted a review of an early example of Trident's XP4, the card which signals their return to the graphics market. The card is aimed at the high-performance/low cost graphics chip market. Here's part of what Anand had to say:

The Trident XP4 T3 will run at a 300MHz core clock and come with 128MB of memory. The T3 has a 128-bit DDR memory bus and will be paired with 300 - 350MHz DDR memory (effectively 600 - 700MHz). This will give cards based on the T3 between 9.6GB/s and 11.2GB/s of memory bandwidth. Trident is expecting performance of the T3 to come within 80% of a GeForce4 Ti 4600. Retail graphics cards based on the T3 with 128MB of memory will be priced at $99.
The XP4 T2 is identical to the T3 except it only has 64MB of 250MHz DDR memory (effectively 500MHz) and has a 250MHz core clock. The reduced memory clock gives the T2 only 8GB/s of memory bandwidth. The T2 will retail for $79.
Mmmmmm......looks promising. Read more details here (http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1673&p=1).

Symantec has released a new AntiVirus Definitions pack that updates the following products:
NAV 2000 for Win9x/NT/2000, NAV 2001 for Win95b/98/NT/2000/Me.
NAV 2002 Professional Edition.
NAV 2002 for Win98/Me/NT/2000/XP Home/XP Pro.
NAV 4.0 for Windows 3.51, NAV 5.0 and 2000 for Win9x.
NAV 5.0 and 2000 for WinNT, NAV for Firewalls 1.5 or higher.
NAV for Lotus Notes (Intel).
NAV for MS Exchange (Intel).
Norton SystemWorks (all versions).
Norton Utilities for Windows 95/98 (all versions).
pcAnywhere32 7.5 and higher for WinNT.
Download it here (http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/download/us-files/0805i32.exe).

Neowin (http://www.neowin.net) have posted up a new leaked copy of Windows Media Player 9. this new leak has the following features:
Crossfading, 0 - 10 seconds of overlap
Volume leveling
Play Speed controls, de/increase media speed from -0.5 to 2+
Quiet Mode, Allows you to enable difference between soft and loud sounds
Color Chooser, Media Player can be any color now
Taskbar control, very complete addition to taskbar.
This new version looks visually different to the version posted a couple of weeks ago (looks more impressive) and some of the features that were disabled before now work. You can view more information and some screenshots over Neowin (http://www.neowin.net/comments.php?id=5879&category=main). You can download it from one of the following mirrors:
- Mirror 1 (http://www.scooly.net/~cream/Windows_Media_Player_9_Corona_9.00.00.2773-WINBETA.zip)
- Mirror 2 (http://www.scooly.net/~cream/Windows_Media_Player_9_Corona_9.00.00.2773-WINBETA.zip)
- Mirror 3 (http://www.xbetas.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=21)
- Mirror 4 (http://los3r.net/mpsetup.exe)
- Mirror 5 (http://www.4peeps.com/Files/wmp9.exe)
- Mirror 6 (http://members.directvinternet.com/ibelite/Windows_Media_Player_9_Corona_9.00.00.2773-WINBETA.zip)

Found this bit of info over at Neowin, it just shows that nothing is safe from an ingenius Trojan spreaders:
The creators of a free and widely used application for controlling computers securely over the internet are struggling to learn how a "Trojan horse" program was sneaked into the latest release of their code.

The Trojan horse turned OpenSSH from a reliable network security tool into a convenient back door into networks for hackers.

On the second day after the latest version of OpenSSH was released and made available for download, developers discovered that the original package had been swapped for one containing a Trojan horse. The checksum, which identifies a program cryptographically, was found to be different from the original.

Ollie Whitehouse, a UK-based researcher with the US computer security firm @Stake, says the potential for damage has been limited because the fake program was spotted fairly quickly.

"Had it been left for longer it could have been worse," he says. "OpenSSH is the de facto standard for many systems."

As the program was installed, the Trojan horse attempted to communicate with another computer on the internet and await further commands.

OpenSSH encrypts the link between two computer systems to prevent eavesdroppers from capturing messages as they are sent across a network. The first version was first released in 1999. It is based on the Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic protocol and comes as standard with most free software operating systems.

Tiscali Games has a video of Unreal II. The movie was taken at E3 and is in DivX format, is a shaky handycam version and was originally on the German magazine PC Action's cover. Grab it here (http://games.tiscali.cz/clanek/patche.asp?id=3869).

Creative has released a new version (1.23) of Digital MP3 Player 2. This is a standalone application of the Digital Audio Manager for use with Creative Digital MP3 Player 2. The new version contains the following changes:
has been tested on Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
ensures MP3/WMA songs with long ID3 tags (255characters) are playable when downloaded to player
User Interface has also been improved
Grab it here (http://asia.creative.com/scripts/download.asp?Agrmt=slicense.html&file=http://files.asia.creative.com/files/creative/drivers/app/dmp/Creative_Digital_Audio_Manager_v123.zip).

ReactorCritical has posted up a report on what nVidia`s CEO, Jen-Hsen Huang, told analysts on the state of the upcoming NV30 graphics processor. This statement was then interpreted as a admission that the new chip was going to be late, but in fact this was not so. ReactorCritical has posted some more details that they got from nVidia about what is happening and the current condition of NV30 and its architecture. Here's highlights of the info:
In Quake III Arena in 1280x1024 with 4x FSAA enabled, NV30 is going to be 2.5 times faster than the GeForce4 Ti4600.
In The Next Doom the board based on NV30 will be able to show 3.5 times or or even more of the performance the current Nvidia`s flagman has to offer us there.
NV30 will score three times more than the GeForce4 Ti4600 in 3D Mark 2001.
Effective HQ Pixel Fillrate (2x anisotropic filtering enabled) of the newcomer with will be about 2.7 times more than that of the fastest NV25.
As for pixel-shading speed, it will be 4 times of the NV25.
Nvidia claims that its upcoming GPU is capable of processing 200 millions triangles per second
For more head over to ReactorCritical (http://www.reactorcritical.com/).

Hot CPU Tester (http://www.7byte.com/hotcpu.htm) version 3.4 has been released. Hot CPU Tester Pro is all of the following:
Hot CPU Tester is a system health and stability tester. It tests CPU, and virtually all parts of motherboard for errors/bugs and defective parts. It is a burn-in test with uniquely designed state of the art DefectTech engine. DefectTech is a technology developed by OpusWare Enterprise to diagnostic systems regarding its stability and in general computer's health. Hot CPU Tester is currently being used in many labs and governmental organizations around the world, as a reliable stability testing utility.
Download your copy here (http://www.7byte.com/downloads.htm).

TPlayer (http://mpegx.com/audio.asp?dcat=AudioMixer&detail=925) version 1R9 is out. TPlayer is a freeware music player and mixer for all operating systems and your audio files (mp3, wma, wav). TPlayer can play and mix songs without music interruption, sense fading or silence prior the end of the playing song and automatically start mixing the next song. The new version has the following features:
Automix sort options:
Automix configuration to adapt to different music genre.
One click manual mix and fade out options: Cut, Fade 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 seconds.
Dual independent Players with real time Vu meters and Peak indicators or Waveform display.
Hierarchal explorer like Songlist grouped by artists, albums and songs.
Drag&Drop custom Playlist. Reorder, save and load playback sequence.
Multiple sound cards support for pre-listening on monitor speakers or headphones.
Customizable background bitmap image.
Play, Pause, Stop, To monitor/master speakers and Set Start/End position buttons.
Volume, Balance, Crossfader, Pitch and Seek slider bars.
Requires very little system resources and processing power.
And much more.
Grab a copy here (http://mpegx.com/download.asp?url=http://pages.infinit.net/tplayer/TPlayerSetup.exe).

The guys over at Rage3D have released version 3.5 of their Rage3D Tweak (http://www.rage3d.com/r3dtweak) program. This is the ATI equivalent of RivaTuner or NvMax, the new version has the following changes:
Added hotkeys to change a game or application process priority on the fly. Alt-P = High Priority; Alt-Shift-P = Low Priority; Alt-Cntrl-Shift-P = Normal Priority. You can change the hotkeys in the GameUtil Hotkeys category of the tweaks. GameUtil will also remember the last priority you specified for a game or application.
Now supports fully user configurable sounds for GameUtil functions. By default Overclocking/Profile/Game functions have sounds in this version. You can add/remove/change any of the sounds simply by going to "Sounds" in the Control Panel and scrolling down to the GameUtil section.
Added a Warcraft 3 profile.
Removed the Clear D3D and Clear OGL profiles since they can now be cleared simply by right-clicking on the tweak category. Am working on some generic high-speed vs. high-quality profiles in the works for v3.6 as well.
Added a "Defaults" right-click option to the Custom Display Modes tab for the custom modes category.
Renamed the display modes displayed in the taskbar program.
There's a new "GameUtil Extras" tweak category now, which contains tweaks for modifying how windows and desktop functions work. This includes a number of window manipulation tweaks useful to those with multiple-monitor setups.
Added 2 new skins: a "Blank" skin for those that requested it, and a new Abstract skin which is looking really good.
Implemented a number of under the hood enhancements for the added features.
The program supports all OS's and the following cards:
Radeon 7000/7200/7500/AIW 7500/7800 (may work with Mobility 7500)
Radeon 8500(LE/LELE)/8500DV/8500eXP/8800
Radeon 9000 (with OC support to arrive shortly)
Get your mitts on your copy here (http://rage3d.developments.nl/R3DTweak35.exe).

Myhard has posted some info and screenshots of Creative's new speaker and WebCam ranges. The new range of products include the following:
Creative Inspire 2.1 2800 speakers
Creative Webcam Proex USB
Creative Inspire 5.1 5500 speakers
Creative Inspire 2.1 2700 Flat panel speakers
You can check out the info and pics at the links below:
- Creative Inspire 2.1 2800 speakers (http://www.myhard.com/20020803/1623446_1.shtml)
- Creative Webcam Proex USB (http://www.myhard.com/20020804/1623465_1.shtml)
- Creative Inspire 5.1 5500 speakers (http://www.myhard.com/20020804/1623464.shtml)
- Creative Inspire 2.1 2700 Flat panel speakers (http://www.myhard.com/20020803/1623445_1.shtml)
If you want to read the info, you will need to use the world.altavista.com babel translator as the site is in Chinese.

DVD Decrypter version has been unleashed. DVD Decrypter is a free tool which enables you decrypt and copy a DVD to your PC's hard disk. From there you can choose to watch them with the likes of PowerDVD and WinDVD or you can re-encode them to MPEG1 (VCD) or DivX. The new version has the following changes:
-Rewrote all the underlying I/O code
-Implemented support for SPTI (Available in NT/2000/XP/.NET)
-Implemented support for Elaborate Byte's ElbyCDIO
-Fixed the 'file not found' bug when patching multiple IFO/BUP files at the same time
-Rewrote all the 'Program Update' code - Hopefully this will solve the WSA problem some people were having
-Only writer devices will show up in ISO Write mode
-Preliminary support for DVD+RW / DVDRAM drives in ISO Write mode - I need YOUR help to finish this
-Improved logging
-Added support for splitting by VOB ID in IFO mode
-Added 4.37GB to 'Maximum File Size' in ISO mode
-Added 'Write Error Retry Count' (software retries) to the Advanced settings tab Added the ability to choose Brute Force CSS cracking over the usual I/O Key Exchange
-Fixed numerous problems with the 'Default Destination' code
-Added the option of performing 'RAW' stream processing - Required for Subtitle streams
-Rewrote most of the stream processing code and so fixed any bugs that existed to do with delay times
Download your copy here (http://download.betanews.com/download/1011845169/SetupDVDDecrypter.exe).

If your looking for a free AntiVirus program to try out then give Panda Antivirus Platinum 6.25.03 a go. This one is shareware and the company touts:
"Panda Antivirus Platinum offers unrivalled protection for the Internet and e-mail, the main virus entry points in your system. This solution detects and disinfects viruses in the most frequently-used browsers (Explorer, Netscape, Mosaic...) and e-mail systems (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Pegasus...).

In addition, Panda Antivirus Platinum can block outbound service ports (telnet, http, ftp...etc). It even protects connections to IP addresses, scanning at the Winsock level - without needing to write messages to disk as is the case with many other antiviruses- , with the enormous gains in speed and reliability that this entails."
Give it a go, it's free. You can download it here (http://updates.pandasoftware.com/shareware/platin.exe).

Reset 4.10 the Universal resetOnce installed program for XP and .NET is out. Reset 4.10 will place XP/.Net to day 1 of activation each time you reboot. It works on every version/build/edition of Windows XP/.NET and should work on most future versions as well. To operate it , the patch has to be applied in SAFE MODE. When in safe mode, run the patch, reboot and you're ready to reset. Grab it from here (http://www.windowsmax.nl/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1203).

thx thy god monty (http://www.ozquake.com/montysdump/index.html)