View Full Version : Iomega zip 100 p/port drive

15-08-1999, 01:59 AM
My problem is thus; I have a large number of pictures on my hard drive i want to move to my zip.On a clean zip disc i start the transfer in Windows Explorer from my pics folder to E drive(zip)under the move command selecting 25 photos at a time and away it goes till it fills about a 1/4 of the disc then stops and i get the messsage 'cannot create file/image or replace/shiftfile'. So after removing fiules back to the hard disc, and formating the disc, i try again but have the same problem. The printer is hooked to the back of the Iomega runs through the printer port, any solutions out there people would be greatly appreciated as i cant seem to get much sence out of Iomega themselves