View Full Version : RICHED32.DLL file in Outlook Express -memory?

14-08-1999, 03:23 PM
I've just come across a problem when trying to reply to a message in Outlook Express. As soon as I click on reply to sender, I get a message:

'The operation could not be completed. RICHED32.DLL failed to load. Please re-install.'

Followed by...

'There was an error opening this message. There is not enough memory.'

I have tried re-installing IE5 and Outlook Express (5) without success.

Does anyone have any ideas? Could it have to do with a problem with an Office 97 installation which I am having after putting in a new hard drive and CD ROM lettering changing ?

Machine is a Pentium 133 with Win 98, 48MB RAM, 4.3GB and 1.2GB h/Drives.


Darryl Lennane