View Full Version : Impossible Flash???

Rod ger
31-07-2002, 10:17 PM
Hi Everyone,
I've acquired a new(old) toy, Pentium 100 , to play with. Unfortunately the M/B battery had run down, and when replaced the BIOS seems to be corrupted and there is no access to the CD ROM or floppy drive. I have downloaded the latest BIOS version on my "good" PC and wondered if I could connect the 2 PC's, transfer the Flash BIOS over to the disabled PC and somehow run it from there?
Both PC's have W98 on them but I am quite happy to format if necessary .
Alternately I guess I could remove the CMOS chip and get it done commercially, but don't want to spend dosh on a Penty100. Any cheap flashers out there!!

31-07-2002, 10:24 PM
Why do you say your BIOS is corrupted? If you can get into Win98, I'd suspect there isn't too much wrong with the BIOS.

However, a BIOS flash must be done from native DOS, not from a DOS window, so you'll need to boot to DOS to run your flash. That means you can't flash from the other PC, but you could perhaps copy the flash over and run it once you get into DOS.