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31-07-2002, 06:46 PM
Hi All

I have an employee who wants to access there email, Outlook 2000 Calendar and work files from home.

Our server runs Mdaemon and our internet connection is via jetstream routed by a linux server to all branches so all PC's have access to the one jetstream connection. We run a frame relay to facilitate this.

Mdaemon clears the mail from a separate web address and distributes to
work stations.

We have a copy of PC Anywhere but due to network security I'm loath to allow a PC Anywhere connection between a home pc and uneducated user and the business network.

Is there an alternative?
Am I unduly paranoid about PC Anywhere residing on a pc off site?

I am not an IT guy (I just know enough to be dangerous) and I know little about PC Anywhere.

Would our network be open to attack?

01-08-2002, 09:28 AM
I feel for you. You are right about not allowing access to external PCs which are not part of your business network.

In general - there is a higher risk if you allow a user to log on to your network using his/her home PC. You cannot guarantee his/her PC is virus/trojan free nor can you be sure that PC is only used by that one person at home (most likely not).

My rule has always been the same - only company PCs or laptops may connect locally or remotely to the company network. Company PCs and laptops have strict requirements and policy on its use. If the user screw up at least you can point the finger at him/her. If it was a home PC and a friend of the children happened to access the system then you're fried.

During a recent case where a senior staff went on maternity leave, we delivered a PC and modem to her home (even though she has a family PC at home).

Graham L
01-08-2002, 05:11 PM
Anyway, what about the old fashioned idea that work=work and home=home? No company pays enough money to buy employees for 24 hours a day. ]:)

01-08-2002, 09:20 PM
Hey I'm with you! I don't even want my goddamn cellphone.

They're a perk??