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12-08-1999, 04:31 PM
Somemtime ago we started with an old boys school roll , using Word 97
database features. We now have some 2200 names , addresses, years of
attendance, and another 5 columns of information and the database is
likely to grow.

I wanted to shift the information into Access or some other suitable
database so that it would be easier to draw out reports , lists, and of
course there will be merges to letters etc later.

We made one mistake initially by having the Name field containing
initials and surname, but overcame this later by inserting two more
fields for that info. We also put up to four address lines in the
address field - and although it is easy to read and produce labels ,
converting to another database may be difficult.

I could not see how to convert the information to Access . The book
suggested deliminated file but I cannot locate this in Word - my books
do not give enough information - can you help and what is the best way

RN (Neil) Farrer
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