View Full Version : AVG Virus Checker problems

26-07-2002, 01:00 AM
I have/had AVG v6 (free) installed

AVG notified me that I had a virus in severall system dll's and to run AVG to fix it

I ran AVG (which takes forever) and it didn't find any virus's ??!!

I then tried to run online virus checker pcillin which I've used with sucess in the past to 'double check' AVG

it wouldn't run

so I deinstalled AVG (using the AVG deinstaller) and then ran pcillin - it found no virus's either

however since deinstalling AVG I have intermittent 'can't find server' type problems, almost as if a part of AVG is still hanging around and acting like an impenetrable firewall

this ring bells with anyone?

26-07-2002, 01:17 AM
It could be the virus not letting AVG detect/fix virus.
i saw this problem on my mates pc.

I suggest you download NAV 2002 (trial ver) and run that. It might not install in the first place cause of the virus preventing it.

I had to disconnect the Hard drive physically and hook up to my system so my system could scan and fix the virus on the infected HD.

It worked for me.