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25-07-2002, 12:07 PM
Hi all,

Well i decided to build a computer for my brother from scratch.
i purchashed:
a Microstar MS-6378 motherboard (on board sound/ video)
AMD Duron 1100Mhz CPU
Memtek 128MB PC133 SDRAM
Seagate 40 GB HD ata100

OK so lets get into the problem. i installed the CPU (i am following the manual), i have no jumpers to set(except th FSB), installed the ram, connected HD, and Floppy (rechecked cables). plugged in K/B, mouse and monitor. turned on the power......the fans start (cool)......and that is all that happens, no POST, no activity from the floppy (with a boot disk). What do u think could be the problem, ive tried a different ram module(that i know works)and still no difference. would it be a fault with the motherboard or the CPU??????HELP..........


25-07-2002, 12:27 PM

Replace first one, then the other with a unit that works. Start with the easiest one to substitute first.

25-07-2002, 12:53 PM
unplug everthing except powersupply,ram, cpu and powerswitch.

check fsb jumber is set to 100.

check if screen is powering on. you should at least hit an error message when you boot pc.

25-07-2002, 01:08 PM
Hi tweak'e

i dont get anything dispayed on the monitor, i notice on the K/B all the lights flash on (when i power on), and then stay off. it doesnt even seem that i can use the K/B.
With the display, would it have anything to do with being onboard?
im unable to try the cpu on a different machine, as i dont have access to AMD motherboard

25-07-2002, 05:35 PM
does the monitor light power up? just make sure the monitor actually works first.

26-07-2002, 09:25 AM
the monitor is working. It does not power up. i have to turn it on, and then displays please check cable is plugged in, though this is displayed if its plugged in or not.

26-07-2002, 10:39 AM
check the jumbers are ok and power supply is ok. remove ram and try. should give error beep when you boot. if nothing it sounds like mobo or cpu.

at a guess proberly cpu. you have had heatsink on cpu all the time i hope.

also what heatsink paste did you use. is it shorting the bridges on the cpu?

26-07-2002, 10:57 AM
The Jumpers and power are ok (well as far as i can see, and following the manual). ill try without the ram, hopefully i get a error message.

I never had any paste come with the CPU, though the heat sink is incorparated already with the fan, and yes the heat sink has always been installed ontop of the CPU.


26-07-2002, 11:14 AM
one other thing which sometimes trips young players up.......check that there is nothing shorting out the motherboard to the case ie loose screw or motherboard standoff in the wrong place.

sometimes its easier to take the mobo out of the case and put it on a piece of foam or cardboard, connect monitor and powersupply(and switch) and try it out of the case.

while its out of the case check the front and back of the board for any scatches across the tracks on the board. i've seen the odd rough tech who has scratched the board fitting it into a case.