View Full Version : passthrough index before isp homepage

21-07-2002, 09:26 PM
Whenever I open the isp (Clear,Xtra,default) homepage the url
puts itself at the front and a search bar appears before the homepage opens.
This address also inserts itself in internet options whenever I enter a new homepage address. I have deleted cookies,run trojan search engine,run Nortons AV........nothing found . I opened Xtra home page whilst not connected to the internet and it was there still.
I have W98 SE and use IE 5.5........if I reinstall the browser,would this solve my problem ?
Any advice would be very very welcome,this is annoying me to distraction !!

Elwin Way
22-07-2002, 12:37 AM
Reinstalling IE probably won't solve the problem.

Try running regedit and do a search for the address. Make sure you tick all options to look in.

Another place(s) to look for this is:
win.ini <--- look for the address
autoexec.bat <--- look for any unusual programs
system.ini <--- look for the address

also have a good browse through program files and windows directory and see if you can pick up anything unusual in there (like funny name programs)