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21-07-2002, 03:23 AM
Hi all

I work as a nurse and trying to help some older patients to type - can anyone advise a good freeware typing tutor program that I can share with them. They have various computer skills so I may need to have few up my sleeve.


21-07-2002, 03:54 AM
Hi joand,

Try this for now:

Cheers. :)

21-07-2002, 04:23 PM
free demo not full version but works fine remember to verbalise each key stroke this ingrains the pattern into ones memory try to use the proper fingers all the time

Poppa John
21-07-2002, 09:21 PM
Also try http://www.senselang.com for Free Typing Tutor.
Also Old Faithful "Google Search" type in Typing Lessons for thousands of programs, a lot of them free. Two finger typing Poppa John :8}