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Heather P
20-07-2002, 11:26 PM
How to reinstall Windows 98SE

To reinstall windows you need:
– Windows CD
– Windows Instruction manual with product key
– Start up disk

Generally CD drivers are loaded with Windows. To reinstall Windows means starting the computer in DOS mode. For most computers this means… no CD drive.

This means either:
A. Start the computer with a disk containing CD drivers; or
B. Copy the Windows CD ROM onto the hard drive.
C. Change the BIOS (later model machines only) to look for CD ROM as first drive.

A. Creating a Start up disk:
1. Open Windows 98
2. Click Start
3. Point to Settings and click Control Panel
4. Click Add/Remove Programs
5. Click the Start up Disk tab
6. Click the Create Disk button

B. Copy Windows CD ROM onto the hard drive
If you have room this option means you never again have to find the windows disk when updating drivers.
1. Open Windows
2. Open Windows Explorer
3. Create a new directory on the C: drive called Win98
4. Copy all files from the CD ROM to this new directory

NOTE: If you have an extra drive or partition you could put the files there instead of on the C: drive.

C. Changing the BIOS
This is slightly more advanced so leave this option if you don’t understand it.

The following assumes you have loaded Win98 onto the hard drive in a directory called C:\Win98.
If you are using a floppy disk and CD ROM see the alternative in italics

Installing Windows

1a. If you have Windows currently open:
Start; Shutdown; “Restart in MS-DOS Mode”

1b. If the computer is turned off hold down the <ctrl> key, start the computer and when the menu comes up select "Command prompt only"

2. Type: cd\win98 (if using a floppy type a: )
3. Type: setup
4. Type: C (continue)
5. <Enter> (Select Directory C:\Windows)
6. Type: U (custom)
7. <enter>

8. To select components arrow down to category, <alt>D for details; <space> to select or deselect item; <enter> for OK
9. Change the following categories:
10. Accessories: Select Games; QuickView
11. Online Services: Deselect all
12. System Tools: Select Backup
13. <enter> (next)

14. Computer Name: ……..

15. Computer Settings Regional Settings
16. <alt>A Select: English (New Zealand)
17. <enter> (Next)
18. <enter> New Zealand

19. <enter> (Start Up disk)
20. <esc> (Cancel Start up disk)

21. <enter> (Start Copying Files)

22. Name: ………..
23. Company: (none)
24. <enter> (Next)
25. Select: “I accept the agreement” <tab> <enter>
26. <Cap Lock> (Caps on)
27. Product Key: (this can be found on the front of the instruction manual)
28. <Cap Lock> (Caps off)
29. <enter> (Next)
30. <enter> (Finish)

31. Change Time Zone: End, up one
32. <Alt> A (Apply)
33. <enter> (OK)

Enter Network Password
34. <enter> (OK)

Add New Hardware Wizard:
35. <enter> (next)
36. <enter> (search for the best driver for your device)
37. Specify a location C:\win98 (or if using a floppy A:/)
38. <enter> (next)
39. <enter> (finish)

40. <alt>W (Show this screen each time Windows starts) – uncheck
41. <enter> (Close)

You should now have a working copy of windows 98 on your machine.

To install Printers, monitors, software and the like will need the disks that came with these items.

21-07-2002, 01:23 AM

The first one I have seen that is written for someone with little experience.

You may wish to preface with advice that the drive to be installed to requires partitioning and formatting.

Terry Porritt
21-07-2002, 09:03 AM
MSDOS.SYS: I'm not sure whether this is the place for this tip, but there is a slight bug in the Win9x installation, at least with the OEM CDs.

This is that the option to boot to a previous version of DOS appears in the bootup Start Menu ( when you press F8 etc) after installation.

Since there is no previous version of DOS, then Windows gets into strife if this option is inadvertently selected.

Msdos.sys needs to be edited so that BootMulti=0

This will remove the option to boot to a previous DOS.

Another small comment Heather, the Win9x CD doesnt have fdisk on it, so it is still a good idea to have a boot floppy with all the DOS utils on it so that the HDD can be partitioned and formatted first, removing all the old junk, as Merlin indicated.

20-08-2002, 05:43 PM
why didnt u guys telll me abouts this post???????

and heather p and u tell me how to reformat for win me and install win 2000

the other guys instrutions arnt clear and i dont think they sure what they are talking about

can u please write a version of how to format c drive with winme and then install win 2000

ive got 3 partitions

windows is in c drive with all my other junk that i want to get rid of (i've got nothing i want to back up)

my drivers are compatable with win2000 and i got all the driver cds, none are missing

im going to make a start up disk

ive got the cd for win 2000 with cd key (152sdf226sdffdsfs362)

and i know that my computer will ask me lots of questions before wins is all installed can u tell me the questions and what to answer please

please help me i no u can (the other guys tryed but i cant understand ther version of english) can u write out the instructions like how u wrote "how to reinstall windows 98se but a version for winme

help will be appreciated from u and tweak and bruce and chris wilson and dot com and the other pros (i want answers from pros only like heather p (i did ask my mum if i can and she said yes as long yous tell me how)

20-08-2002, 05:46 PM
Installing it is really easy, usually you can simply click nexxt next next, apart from the user locale (Wher ein the world you live) which needs changing , it's usually sweet for me!!

20-08-2002, 05:53 PM
i thought when u formatt ill lose the driver for my cdrom, how do i install win without the cd drive

20-08-2002, 05:55 PM
Using a boot disk, just make sure before formatting that you can use the boot disk, it'll be one after it normally is so if it's normally drive F: then it'll be G:


Graham Petrie
20-08-2002, 05:59 PM
That's one reason why I suggested you copy the contents of the CD to a spare partition.

The reason you don't understand my instructions is because you expect me to tell you which options to choose during setup. If you want these type of instructions, use your brain and go to the microsoft website. They have instructions almost identical to Heather's for all Operating Systems.


Graham L
20-08-2002, 06:02 PM
Stop, Chilling and GP. This is an FAQ. DON'T ANSWER HERE AND CLUTTER IT UP WITH EXCRETA. Tim. Make a new thread.