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07-08-1999, 11:33 PM
Please help if you can...
I have just sold my Matrox Mystique / Rainbow Runner graphics card and settled for a ASUS AGP-V3800...
My main reason is this frees up a PCI slot.
But we have a couple of questions.
1/ The stuff I captured with the Matrox card is not supported by the new ASUS card ???
I do a lot of Video work and have titles saved to CD in .avi files and when using the Win98 Media player it informs me that I don't have the decompressor file pressent.
The media player also tries to connect me to a web site to retrieve a decompressor file but it can't find one...
The person who bought the Matrox card off me needs to be compatable to me also.
What can we do ???

2/ The Matrox card came with a book on how to use the Video-capture utility but I find the ASUS one page descriptions need defineing a little???
Is there another book or something that may be missing - or am I thick ???
I can't start to capture unless I use k-bd short-cuts and once the capture begins - I can't seem to stop it ???

Help if you can