View Full Version : Grey Colour Background in Access application of Windows XP

18-07-2002, 07:37 PM
How can I format my access program to get rid of the grey background. As a cataract sufferer I am finding the color makes reading Reports etc very hard. As mine is a limited income, I really can't afford the ink expenses caused by the background grey color either. I have tried all the right click properties options and can get loads of little white boxes still on that darn grey background. I just want a simple white page black text as the default.

19-07-2002, 11:13 AM
Hi, I am using WindowsNT and Office97 @ work so hope this is the same for XP.

To amend the colour on existing forms, select the form and the design view option and then right click anywhere in the background of the form (but not on a control) and select the option "Fill/Back colour" then choose a colour of your choice. You will have to repeat this for all forms.

I cant find any reference to background colour in Tools-Options in Access so it may be difficult to have default colours for new forms etc. To me it appears that the default background for Access is determined by the Windows defaults.

To change Windows defaults try the following. This is a global change effecting all things, not just Access so all dialog boxes etc will be the new colour you select (which may be what you want anyway).....

Right click the desktop and select properties then the Appearance tab.
You will see there is a dropdown list of items. Select the option "3D Objects" and the colour here will be grey. You can amend this to another colour that will be easier to see. Try other Windows default options such as "Window" and choose a new colour to customise the PC for youself.