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16-07-2002, 10:47 PM
Hi everyone,

I have been having second thoughts about Outlook, having read some rather disturbing things on this forum.

Where would I go to read up on Eudora. Do you get to keep your present email address ie: XXXX@xtra.co.nz How do you configure Eudora, and is it like a Hotmail - in that you only have a certain size mailbox.

Regards, BALDY

16-07-2002, 11:08 PM
size of email box and email address is to do with the isp not which email cleint u use.

see www.eudora.com for info.

configing eudora is a little different to outlook but you will get used to it ;-)

16-07-2002, 11:11 PM
I've been using Eudora Lite (and free) for years and it suits me fine.
I found it easy to set up, much more straight forward than Outlook. I don't think you could compare it to hotmail, and if you need more than the "lite" version there is Eudora Pro (not free) which has more options than I will ever need.

There is a very helpfull newsgroup < comp.mail.eudora.ms-windows > where you can get answers to most Eudora questions.

Don't overlook Pegasus either. (also free) Look them up in google and download them and see how you like them....Cheers Ken

16-07-2002, 11:21 PM
Hi Baldy,
I to had my doubts at first with changing from OE to Eudora, but have no regrets.
If an old coot like me can do it then anyone can.
It virtually does its self.
I even made the change to Opera and not regretted that either.

cheers merlin-nz ;)

16-07-2002, 11:40 PM
Thanks guys for the info...... as another oldie, Merlin - you've given me the encouragement to give it a go!

Regards, BALDY

16-07-2002, 11:41 PM
I made the transition to Eudora several months ago and made the choice to select the sponsored version which has a few more features than the Lite version. I found Eudora very easy to configure and a great feature is that it allows you to import your address book from your previos email client as well as the actual mail. The info pages have already been suggested in one of the replies above which is also the location to start the download. A full manual can also be download which is in Adobe Acrobat.


Elwin Way
16-07-2002, 11:46 PM
Hi Baldy,

I found Euroda surprisingly simple to set up. In fact I went through all the menus looking for the advanced section.

If I remember rightly, Eudora will ask you a few questions like your name, email address, and servers (which will be pop3.xtra.co.nz for incoming and smtp.xtra.co.nz for outgoing) and where you want to put the program!

Have a tootu, you won't break it!


17-07-2002, 12:18 AM
Incase you use multiple accounts, eudora does support them. But just about every review I've read has claimed that it doesn't.

Its a bit more akward than most programmes but it works well once its setup. You do it by creating a Personality for each account.

Jim B
17-07-2002, 12:21 AM
If you are going to try Eudora Light just bear in mind that the Pop account field which you access from Tools/Options/Getting started is a combination of your username and pop server.
It is set up as username@pop3.xtra.co.nz
The only other things you need to add are your email address and Outgoing SMTP server address.
Later versions have a seperate field for Account name (username) and Incoming POP3 server as do most other mail programs.

18-07-2002, 04:56 PM
I started using Eudora in 1998 (because I've always hated and had trouble with Outlook) and it's never failed. I've only replaced it recently with Incredimail because of Incredimail's features. :-)

Steve Bell
18-07-2002, 05:37 PM
I couldn't make the multiple account support work, so I just run two copies of Eudora; WTH it's only an extra few megs off the disk, and my work and social messages stay in separate boxes.

Steve B.

18-07-2002, 06:02 PM
Hi Baldy
I've been using for nearly six years without problem, just updating it as a new version comes out. I use the sponsored mode, and find that the advertising is not intrusive.
Multiple personalities and accounts become straightforward after a little tinkering.

18-07-2002, 06:14 PM
I have used Eudora for a couple of years now, was that impressed with the simplicity and ease of use that I paid for it, and run in full mode.

Doesnt hog the disk space or strain resources. Interestingly it runs fine in everything from '95 to XP so is quite robust. I like the way attachments are kept separate from the email, allows easy processing in a business.

18-07-2002, 06:16 PM
I started with Eudora lite in 1996 (cos that's what Voyager then supplied) and have progressed through the various paid versions of Eudora Pro and have never had cause for complaint. Good helpful email support is available in the paid version - response typically about 24 hours.

UK English dictionaries are also available from Eudora.com (through Qualcomm) which obviate the constant hassle with US English. It is possible to run several accounts on one installation.

I occasionally help folk setup Outlook and always comment that I find Eudora much more intuitive - but usually they believe that they have to run Outlook because it comes with Windows! I also warn about the Outlook security issues.

18-07-2002, 08:21 PM
Thanks again guys....... I have had it up and running for a few days now, and finding it excellent.

Thanks for the help and tips...... the cheques are in the post!

Regards, BALDY

19-07-2002, 06:41 PM
The GREAT thing with eudora is that you can't get infected with the Email bourn viruses because it doesnt use the .WAB (Windows Address Book) which ALL EMail viruses look for to forward themselves on to other users.

Greg S
20-07-2002, 09:57 AM
Eudora's really cool, and I use it for some of my accounts. The true beauty is that with the Pro version in sponsored mode you can use your firewall to block the ads (by accident of course), then just kill the ad cache folder, and you don't get irritated by the trash they try to send you.