View Full Version : Annoying dialogue box - 'Beta Office 2000 has expired...'?!

06-08-1999, 12:58 AM

For the last few days, I have been getting an annoying Windows dialogue box coming up when I launch a program, save a new file, open a new window - or anything Windows related, really.

The box says:

'Prerelease expiration notice

This Beta Office 2000 has expired. Install the retail version or obtain an updated release from Microsoft.'

It gives an 'OK' option to click on, and can also be closed by hitting the 'ESCAPE' key. However, most of the time it keeps re-appearing, to the point where I have to hit ESCAPE about 15 times to get rid of it completely.

Now, the irony is, I've never had Office 2000 installed on my computer (beta, registered or otherwise)! I do have Office 97, though (but it's fully paid for and registered).

Suspecting a virus, I downloaded the latest version of McAfee today and did a thorough check on every
file on my PC.... No viruses found.

I'm lost here. Any help would be much appreciated.

Mike Vaney

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