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15-07-2002, 07:27 PM
hey, currently have 2 hdd, 1x hp8100 cdrw, 1x panasonic dvd-rom

settings as hdd's set to primary ide channel as master and slave and dvd-rom set to secondary ide channel master with cdrw to secondary ide channel slave, mainly due to ide cable limitation - recently brought new burner and some rounded cables to aleviate the problem (i Hope) - any suggestions for ide settings bearing in mind i'm using a hardware card for dvd playback, would like to do the odd disk to disk copy, still burn some mp3 cd's and start using my collection of cdrw disks -

i think
80gb hdd to primary ide master
dvd-rom to primary slave
17 gd hdd to secondary ide master; and
cdrw to secondary ide slave

i guess last two could be changed around........ any suggestions/discussion is welcome - cheers in advance

15-07-2002, 07:43 PM
With the secondary channel I would put the CDRW as primary as they often work better as primary