View Full Version : Modem in DOS on my Panasonic CF-61

06-08-1999, 12:07 AM
Can someone help ?
I am compiling and sending this on my new Panasonic CF-61 Laptop which is using a xircom Realport 10/100+Modem56. This works fine under windows98, however under DOS I get a unable to find card message when using the xircom install disk. I should explain that I have fitted a 3 gig hard drive on which I have set up two primary partitions. Windows98 exists in a 2gig partition and the other one is running DRDOS 6. Three device drivers came on the Panasonic CD these being AMSIDA.SYS, AMSICD.SYS and RI_2_365.EXE which are all loaded in my config.sys file. The AMSISD driver is working because I have my CDROM going. I did email Panasonic support but there responce was that like many competitors products they do not guarantee DOS support.