View Full Version : win 98se boots to blue screen of death from cold boot

15-07-2002, 12:11 PM
any time i cold boot my machine, win98se will always get some sort of error message, usually blue screen of death immediately upon boot, but sometimes it will run for a while and then various software will start to crash.
the remedy is to reboot from start menu right after i have cold booted.
i've done the windows updates, and this system is pretty clean. i only installed everything like a week ago.
the fact that it only happens on a cold boot indicates that it is a shutdown problem? i can't find anything in the microsoft knowledge base that applies to me though.
i've disabled fast shutdown using msconfig.exe

i guess it COULD be a software problem... i have norton AV and zonealarm installed and running continuously, plus a couple of things like partition magic and paint shop pro but i don't think these would make a difference. the fact that my system is pretty much stable after a warm reboot makes my think it's not a sftware problem

any suggestions?
Thanks very muchly.

15-07-2002, 06:00 PM
Is there any particular message that comes up or are they different everytime.

When you look under device manager is there anything with an exclamation mark beside it.

Could also boot into safe mode and see if there are any duplicate drivers under device manager.

If thats no help try unticking everything in startup tab of msconfig (except scan registry and systray) then rshutting down and rebooting.
Then add one at a time until problem resurfaces.

hope this helps if you have already done all these post back.