View Full Version : Strange happenings while online

05-08-1999, 03:53 PM
I have the following system:
Celeron 333
ABIT BX motherboard
Quantum Fireball hard drive
Riva TNT video card, 16MB RAM
ForteMedia FM801 sound card
Realtek 10Mbps ethernet
Old ISA minicam card (for HP scanner)
External 56K modem

After I dialled up to the internet for a while, Windows98 seem to have its GDI corrupted. The first thing to go is usually the toolbar in Netscape and IE, ICQ icons, etc., then some fonts become corrupted to the bold 'System' font, and then finally shows a Blue screen which crashes my computer, requiring a hard boot with the reset switch.

I use the computer extensively off-line (e.g. games, Visual Basic, MSOffice, etc.) and it never exhibited such problems. The aforementioned modem is also used before in my old K6 without problems.

Where should I start looking to sort out this problem? Or do I have to reinstall Windows?