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14-07-2002, 05:25 PM
I've just upgraded from:

K6/300, 128MB, NVidia Vanta graphics, Genius sound card and ISA modem


Duron 1.1G, 256MB Corsair PC2100 DDR RAM, on a Gigabyte 7VKML with onboard graphics, sound and network.

Running the same s/ware as before.

I keep getting 'The computer has run out of memory to run application' errors which is very strange considering things ran on the old setup no probs. I've installed a memory utility trial program (WinRAM-Booster Pro) which shows the memory usage. It shows plenty of free memory when I get the errors although the gigabyte utility sometimes has shown low physical memory.

Physical memory showing on the Gibabyte utility is 228480KB. I've got Windows set to control memory under Control Panel-System. Another interesting consideration is that at the shown rate of memory usage, my old system would have locked up frequently as it ran out of memory - sure I got the odd blue screen of death or other error, but not THAT often.

Today I copied ~250MB of files from one HDD to another, that chewed up memory and used about 80-90% of the available memory. A RAM optimisation from WinRam brought it straight back down to about 15-20% usage. Again, I did this copying of my data files occasionally on the old setup, no probs.

Any ideas why this memory hole has developed, or what I can do plug it back up again????


Megan :-)

14-07-2002, 05:36 PM
firstly what os are you talking about? and did you format reinstall on the new system?

22-07-2002, 02:17 PM
Try cacheman its free ,