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14-07-2002, 02:59 PM
After a few problems and having to reinstall xp I chose the option to install over my existing xp.I now find that dx is not working properly.I have tried reinstalling dx8.1 all it says is setup complete.
Here are some test results.
Test direct3d using 7x okay
Test direct 3d using 8x
Failure at step 5(GetDeviceCaps):HRESULT 0x8876086a(3d not available)

dxdia shows 8.1 at the bottom of page but under version heading they are all 5.01 2600 except for a few which say 6.0 majority of dates 19/08/01

Yes I have the latest drivers for my ti4200 card and have had a replacement ga-7vrxp installed everything was ok till I changed my h/d from slave to master.(Recommended.....??)

Please guys does this mean a complete format and reinstallation

14-07-2002, 03:37 PM
>was ok till I changed my h/d from slave to master.(Recommended.....??)

are you running dual boot ie multi os's?

if not your main hardrive must be on primary ide as master.

14-07-2002, 04:55 PM
When the system was installed I had dual boot with 98 and xp c master d slave.The supplier after numerous problems formatting and reinstalling etc finally replaced the mother board ga-7vrxp.Before this it was decided that I had a faulty drive c and was removed physically things seemed as I say to be ok with only the ex d now c shown up in bios and in my computertill I was told to make my existing drive the master .Yes it is pri master and jumpered as per manufacturers instructions.The drive is ntfs file system.Repeat all was working good untill that drive was made a master note everything else seems to work ok though 3dmark2001 se will not attempt to run just says direct 3d not available.
Thank you for taking the time to reply