View Full Version : PC settings change after game play

John Carter
13-07-2002, 11:49 PM
I am running a PIII 1GHz with 256MB RAM and Win2K (service packs are up-to-date).
I have noticed that after my kids play a game (specifically 'Age of Empires II' and/or one called 'I Love Maths' - there may be others they play that cause this problem also) and then close the game, my keyboard loses the ability to type (or sometimes I get the Accessibility options activated when pressing certain keys), and if I try to open Outlook Express from the tray beside my <Start> button all I get to see is the Properties dialog box for Outlook Express (like the shortcut now points to the Properties dialog box rather than the executable).
A reboot sorts this problem out, but I would be very interested if someone can tell me why this occurs and if there is a way to prevent it (short of not playing any games!).