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13-07-2002, 11:35 PM
From bbspot.com....makes you glad that adaware is available, but at least men now have an excuse

Gator Software Leaves Toilet Seat Up

Gator, an insidious, ubiquitous software program that helps users surf the Internet by storing passwords and popping up banner ads has come under fire for its annoying and allegedly deceptive features. Beyond the pop-up ads and difficult uninstalls, there have been reports of even more annoying features of the software.
Margery Amis of Oakley, Kansas said, "My boyfriend assured me he didn't leave the toilet seat up, he said it was probably that Gator software that I installed on the computer. I told him I was sorry about that."

Dan Fernando inadvertently installed the software when he installed Snood, "I didn't even want this thing on my system and now it's leaving the lights on in the bathroom. I bet Gator is in cahoots with the electric company on that."

Gator marketing representative Dustin Quillin said, "We don't disclose any of the marketing relationships we have, but our license agreement clearly states in a long forgotten Turkish dialect that we can do just about anything we want once the software is installed without your knowledge."

Mr. Quillin continued, "We also take exception to the reports that Gator is difficult to uninstall. We list in our readme.txt file the simple steps required to remove the program. The first step requires a program called fdisk which every user has on their computer system."

There have also been reports of Gator putting empty jugs of milk back into the refrigerator, and empty ice trays back into the freezer. Previous reports that Gator caused the downing of the US spy plane in China have since been disproven and attributed to Microsoft.

13-07-2002, 11:50 PM
nice one :)

as nice as the court case against gator ;-)