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13-07-2002, 08:36 PM
I've just replaced the black ink in my epson 400 and now it won't print the black at all I've done NUMEROUS cleans to no avail is this a job for the "Repair People" or is there a simple fix ? ? ? ?
Any help appreciated.

Tom S.....

13-07-2002, 09:59 PM
Hi Vitom, i have had this on my epson c20 before. Do you mean you have done both Nozzle check and Head Clean? Did you buy a new cartridge or refill it yourself? Nozzle Checks seem to be better to get the ink flowing i have found - but another thing is the temperature apparently. One other thing i found was that if i turned it off then left it overnight then back on it seemed to clear itself at times. Mine seems to be going well now, but boy is it frustrating eh!!!! Drives you nuts!! But there are a few things when its a refill job - quite often if its you first refill you may not have put enough in - i had that first time i did a refill, the booklet said 3 mls and that wasn't enough so i kept track and it actually took 5 mls from empty i think it was. But i have had this exact problem also with new cartridges too! So who knows if its a new cartridge and all else fails phone epson and get a free replacement - i did!
Hope that helps Maybe !!

13-07-2002, 10:50 PM
I suggest you get technical advice from the experts before attempting the following, but for what it is worth here is how I fixed a similar problem with my printer.

Lexmark 3200, new colour cartridge, ($100 plus), ink flowed but not all colours, poor print quality. This model has print heads in the cartridge.

The computer technician said that the quality was unacceptable and that they would check it out for me, and if they could not fix it, they would replace the cartridge with another new one at no cost to me.

I asked him what he would do to try to fix it. He said that they sometimes have to partially immerse the cartridge in hot water to make the ink flow properly. He explained it more fully and said that I could do it myself if I wished to.

I preferred to do it myself, as I didn't know how many test copies they would do, (using my costly ink!), in order to make sure that it worked when returned to me.

This was the procedure.

Firstly, be careful, this ink spreads everywhere, it is diabolical for staining carpets, formica benches etc. This procedure is not as bad as self-filling an ink cartridge though, but to be extra safe, put down about two complete newspapers on your work area first.

Have a couple of folded paper kitchen towels handy.

Put a few millimetres of fairly hot water in a shallow container. Enough to just cover the ink heads. Remove any tabs covering the ink head/s. Don't touch any of the electronic circuitry areas on the cartridge.

Place the cartridge (head/s down) in the hot water for a short time.

Remove the cartridge, gently dab off the excess water with the paper towel. (Dab, don't wipe)

Place the cartridge on the folded paper towel so that the head/s touch the towel. Lift up the cartridge and inspect the towel to see if a smudge of ink has flowed onto the towel. (In my case I was looking to see if each of the colours had made a smudge.)

If it appears that the ink is flowing ok, then it is necessary to clean up the smudged ink left on the cartridge head/s. Do this by dabbing the cartridge repeatedly on a clean area of the paper towel until, instead of a smudge, there is a tiny dot only.

If successful, completely dry the cartridge and reinstall in printer.

If unsuccessful, try the water treatment again.

Don't leave the cartridge out of the printer for too long, whether successful or not, as the ink will dry and harden on the heads.

Be aware that you might void any warranty, both cartridge and/or printer, so check with "the authorities" first if you have any doubts.

Also, mine was a Lexmark, it may not work with your Epson.

Graham L
14-07-2002, 04:14 PM
I have had this on my Epson 800. It's an old printer. Stocks of cartridges will be old. If you look carefully at the top of the cartridge, you will see a stickon label over an area with shallow recesses in the plastic. You will see one edge of some holes. Hold it with a paper towel, to catch any "results", very gently blow at that point. Give it CPR (without the heart massage).

16-07-2002, 07:03 PM
Thanx for your response, It's a new cartridge, ink flow seems OK it won't even work with the old cartridge(I've tried this before and the old cartridge works a bit with the little bit of ink left sometimes, BUT NOT THIS TIME) It's a alternative cart. so I don't know if they will replace it.
Can but try I guess.

Thanx again,

Tom S...

16-07-2002, 07:57 PM
If you don't want to pay the price of the original Epson cartridge try TonerExpress (http://www.tonerexpress.co.nz/)
I've just bought Epson Stylus Color 900 cartridges from them did a nozzle check, did a test page print and it came out perfect.

Price? One black and one color cartridge cost less together than just one original black alone.

And the best place to get them serviced is NARRA Technical Services (mailto:service@narra.co.nz)