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13-07-2002, 05:49 PM
Hi all, I am hoping somebody may be able to advise me on a friends problem. He is using Windows XP - 6 month old puter from pc co., 512Ram i think and 40 gig. Also about 2 months back he had a new motherboard put in (don't know what it was) and new modem.

Anyway the computer had been going sweet since getting it back from getting the new stuff put in - but - he hadn't needed to use his printer, so he wanted to print something yesterday, and remembered the printer drivers weren't on, so he said he tried to put the printer drivers on off the disc (we both have similar systems and i have put his printer drivers on before for him, they are exactly the same as mine) and somehow from there, the install stuffed up he said, and now he has to use his recovery c.d to start the computer everytime??? I do not know how he even got to the point of using his recovery c.d (can't work that out).
Anyway as well as that, when i got there it was going sweet after the recovery c.d boot and i had a look at the printer drivers (cause i couldn't work out why they wouldn't install as i have done it before, no probs).
So i thought i would check it out and I put the printer drivers on no probs?? So it obviously wasn't that that caused it in my opinion now.
Anyway back to the main problem at hand - how does he get it back to booting normally without the recovery c.d - no doubt there was something in there that asked if he wanted to boot of disc everytime (maybe?) could that be the problem? - I haven't had to use my recovery c.d yet so don't know much about it.
I also jotted down some stuff off the screen he gets at startup without the recovery disc in: Non system disc or disc error
Replace and strike any key -
Boot from Atapi cd-rom (the recovery disc)
No emulation

Puts in the c.d and its all sweet again - but no go without the c.d on startup???
:_| Please any help from you xp wizards and/or godfather would be most appreciated!!!!
Thanks in advance, J ZEP - might make him :-) again!!!

Sam H
13-07-2002, 06:05 PM
Hi there J Zep,
The computer is still under warranty so If I was you I would take it back into the showroom and tell them to fix it. If you would like to try to fix it yourself then you can use the recovery disk to perform a refresh of windows xp. Take a look at this link on how to perform a refresh in windows xp.

Refresh in Windows XP (http://www.thepccompany.co.nz/page.asp?ObjectID=30)

A refresh does not wipe any of the users personal files, it simply replaces all the windows operating files. I would still make a back up of personal files before, just incase anything does go drastically wrong.

Failing that or if you don't want to try it, then take it into the PC Company and tell them to fix it, explain what happened and say that you want it fixed. Make them work for the money your friend payed them.

13-07-2002, 06:31 PM
Hi Sam - thanks for the quick reply - yes i suggested he take it back in cause its still under warranty too, but it must be something simple i feel and so does he, that may be worth fixing himself - or as i said asking for some advice on here (F1) before he goes dragging it off to the shop for days!! Thanks heaps for that link, it sounds like what he needs to do i think.
>1 A refresh does not wipe any of the users personal
> files, it simply replaces all the windows operating
> files. I would still make a back up of personal files
> before, just incase anything does go drastically
> wrong

Yes thats what is happening when he boots of the c.d now - his files are all there and as they should be. So i think when he first used it he didn't quite use it as the link says - i.e go into My Computer if the menu isn't there - which it isn't !!! So i will pass that link on to him.
Thanks heaps again Sam :-)

13-07-2002, 10:52 PM
that error might also have to do with ur friend playing around in bios and setting the first bootup device as cdrom, see if it is set as cdrom then change it back to primry hdd.

v.K--------- :D

14-07-2002, 01:18 AM
vk dre - thanks, i would not in the least be surprised at what he has played with - that was exactly what i thought had happened - i presumed he must have done that while installing the recovery disc or something - would that have been an option then?- to boot from cdrom?
Anyway could you please explain exactly how and where i go to check this setting ( i never get into the bios settings, am not that confident yet and have not wanted to fiddle around there without need to!)
Thankyou in advance and thanks for this ! I have already forwarded Sams suggestion on to him - but was actually thinking more along your lines of what was happening, will that make any difference if he tries Sams suggestion? Couldn't do anymore damage eh - cause worst scenario it is still going to need the cdrom to boot if it is set up like that i presume? Thanks again :-)

14-07-2002, 12:41 PM
Well my friend tried the doing the refresh using the recov. disc to no avail - he didn't loose any files or anything though which was good, but it is still the same as before and needs the disc to boot. I now definately believe we need to change the settings in bios as vk_dre described - i feel it is set to boot off cdrom instead of Hdd as he said. So can some kind soul give me instructions on where to go and how to do this??? I would be most grateful and my friend would too!!! I think it is all it can be!! Unless anybody has any other ideas for us?? Thanks again to Sam H and vk_dre.

Sam H
14-07-2002, 12:52 PM
Hey J Zep,
When the computer is booting up it should say which button to press, it's normally esc or delete. Press it when the computer is booting up to get into the bios. I think you should find what you are looking for under booting procedure or something similar like that.
All the instructions on navigating in through the bios should be on the bottom of the screen, just remember if you think you changed something you shouldn't of then exit without saving and try again.

Failing all this you can also get in contact with support@thepccompany.co.nz
If you hadn't already tried that.

Sam H
14-07-2002, 12:53 PM
Forgot to mention you can press the pause button on the keyboard to pause the boot up if you are finding it hard because it goes to fast to read which button to press.

14-07-2002, 03:07 PM
Thanks for that Sam - i will probably wait until i go down to his place and do it myself just to be sure its done right - but that was just what i needed to know, i knew it was somewhere at boot, but didn't know exactly how to do it.
Hey Sam at this rate i might have to employ you as my personal Computer advisor, :D :^O your always helping me out!!!
And thanks for the prompt reply - Most appreciated!!! Thanks J ZEP

Hope this solves it cause nobody else has had any ideas, so it must be what is needed i think!!

Sam H
14-07-2002, 05:23 PM
I'm always willing to try and help when i can.