View Full Version : Modem problems on dual boot system

04-08-1999, 09:27 PM
I have an IBM Thinkpad 600, which I have set up to dual boot NT and windows98 (by installing 98 on the system that already had NT). Although I have been able to set up Windows 98 to set up the drivers for other pieces of hardware that were already existing on the system, I have been unable to install the modem drivers.
I have gone to the IBM site and downloaded their drivers (acpdw9x), but this hasn't solved any of the problems. On NT, the Thinkpad Data Fax Modem is installed in COM 1, but windows 98 wont let me do that. I have tried to place it physically in COM 1, but windows98 wont recognise the ports existence (even when I try to get the setup program to find the port). I have tried to uninstall any modems and get the computer to setup the modem itself, as well as installing the drivers from the IBM site for the ThinkPad. This has all been to no avail?

Ed Gill