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Grandad J
11-07-2002, 12:41 AM
Greetings to the Forum

I have been looking to obtain a scanner which does not necessarily need to be hooked up in tandem with a printer.As I do not have room to have it plugged in permanently

The following is the bumf from the add.

1200x600DPi True42bit 8.5"x11.7"Scanning Area. 3 Easy touch buttons for Emailing Copying & Scanning. Comes with Presto Page Manager,Photo Suite Illustrator& Text Bridge Pro8,Has USB for Win98 & above. Was $269 now $145

Iwould appreciate any Info.from folks who have scanners or who may possibly be using this brand.

Thanks in anticipation

Grandad J ?:|

Running Win 98 2nd Ed.

11-07-2002, 01:07 AM
well Grandad J, Microteck is a realiable brand, i have been using them for 3 yrs not one hiccup, but the quality of wot u r scanning might not always be up to wot u think. that is a good price for a scanner, but it won't offer very crisp images if u r into photo editing or magazine editor, overall i'd say buy it if u want, they are dependable, just don't depend on them too much.

v.K-------- :D