View Full Version : Music CD ROMS containing video clips

04-08-1999, 04:20 PM
I've got the Rolling Stones 'Stripped' album which contains video clips and other muiltimedia stuff as well as the music tracks. I KNOW they're there because I USED to be able to see them.However, a couple of new machines later the new CD ROM drive can only 'see' Track 01, 02 etc. Why is this? We're running ARTEC Pentium MMX machines of various capabilities with Diamond Data CD drivesand WIN 95 and 98 I remember a query like this in PC World a few years back, but would like an up to date answer (has it got something to do with Track zero?). The bottom line is can I do anything about it?

Thanks in anticipation
John Warren
Head of Computing
Waihi College