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09-07-2002, 11:21 PM
I have a dual booting system with Win 2k and Win NT 4.0 Wrkstn

I had to load IE 6.0 as one of my prog wouldnt work with IE 5.5.
After i installed it i realised it had done something to make the OS high encryption. Well i couldnt see the Service Pack 6 written on the general tab of system properties anymore but i can still see it when you start Win NT during the blue screen startup.

Anyways i went and installed network protocols and the services with it so i can use my modem which wasnt loaded during initial installation of Win NT. Also just before this i had loaded NAV 2002 and upon rebooting NAV gave error message saying it couldnt autoprotect e-mail as no network protocols were loaded and hence nother reson for loading the network protocols and services.

During the installation of network protocols i was asked to provide modem drivers for which i did from the CD which came with the modem. I chose COM port 2 for it.

Well i did install all these (modem drivers/network protocols/NAV 2002) without installing service pack 6.

When all was done i rebooted and managed to logon. Just when the desktop icons starts appearing Windows hangs up with the egg timer. Nothing happens and everything just hangs. i can move the mouse with its timer appearing instead of arrow but nothing happens from then on.

Can someonbe help me out here. Unfortunately i dont have ERD disk and i tried safe booting with various switches but couldnt get it going.
i do have access to the partition on which Win NT 4 is loaded thru the Win 2k OS but have no idea on what config files i can play with or remove to disable network protocols or modem drivers which might be causing this problem. Can some please suggest me something on this. The reason for this loooong story i have here is to give the details on what happened before Win NT hung up. Is there anyway i can boot without the network protocols/services loading up or modem drivers.


Don McA
10-07-2002, 12:14 AM
Bitter experience tells me when you get a problem like this with NT4 it is quicker to start over. Format the partition and reinstall Nt. There is a high encription service pack6 available. Post back if you need a copy

10-07-2002, 01:04 AM
I would have had it all formatted and freshly installed had it not been for my customised programs. I have AutoCad 2000 running on it with customised settings/menus of my company. And if i do that then it will mean taking my system back to my company and getting the administrator to set it up again, which he has done twice before.

I will have no option but to do this if i cant find solution. So if someone in the meantime comes along and posts a solution it would greatly save me all the trouble. I do have the high encryption SP 6a though. Thankx

13-07-2002, 09:57 PM
Well i hope someone comes along and gives me some sort of help on this problem. :(

14-07-2002, 02:27 PM
When you have the egg timer up does pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL bring up the security dialogue box? If so you could bring up the task manager and use it to kill various processes until you find one that does the trick. If a process returns 'access denied' you could rund a CMD prompt and use the KILL.EXE command from the resource kit to murder the process. If That doesn't work you could try killing explorer.exe then using the 'File-> New Task Run' option to launch explorer.exe again. You may be able to get a desktop up that way. I would be blaming NAV 2002 personally. I'd turff that if you can get into the computer enough to uninstall it. I'd also check the Startup folder and the HKLM->Software->Microsoft->Windows->Run key in the registry for things running at startup. Finally I'd apply SP6a and reboot with fingers crossed. If this doesn't fix it then perhaps the profile is corrupt, and you could launch USRMGR and create another administrator account. You could do this remotely if the computer has a network cand and is working on the LAN. You could also start and stop services remotely if on the network.

14-07-2002, 09:58 PM
The reason that NT may appear to be hanging is that it may be attempting to get a DHCP address or initialise the network hardware. How long have you waited to see if the machine has hung up? I have found in the past that NT does this when the network is somehow misconfigured. You definitely want SP6a. What are the reqirements for IE6 on NT? My feeling is that 6a may well be reqd. Good Luck!

20-07-2002, 03:22 AM
Thankxx Biff and eejut.
Alas i had to format WinNT 4 partition and so all i have got now is Win2k.

Well Bif i had tried CTRL+ALT+DEL but nothing would happen....the system would just hang in and do nothing.....

eejut i had even tried what you had said......in fact i had left the pc on for about 3hours and the egg timer was still sitting there with Win NT doing nothing. some process was definitely hogging the cpu/resource as i noticed after awhile the time in the system tray was still reading 3pm from the bootup while the system was already now been on for more than an hour.

i couldnt install SP6a as i couldnt get into Windows.
I guess Biff the best i could have done was trying to run USRMGR from the another remote PC or edit that registry key you said but this was a standalone pc at my home.

But thankxx guys for your tips.....appreciate it.