View Full Version : need help, mah lil bro del a file..........

09-07-2002, 02:12 PM

my lil bro deleted a file, my game save file,
(file not visible in Bin)

Can you please tell me how to recover it?


Billy T
09-07-2002, 06:13 PM
Hi Digi

I hope you are not still using the computer with the deleted file. The more you use it the less chance you have of recovering your file. If you haven't already done so, turn your computer off and leave it off until you have the software means available to recover your file.

There are two main options for you, best and second-best:

1: Best option is to buy or borrow a copy of Norton Utilities on CD. This contains a bootable emergency undelete function. To use this you will have to switch on your computer and go straight into the bios to set it to boot from the CD. Insert the CD, reboot and follow the instructions. I have personally used Nortons after an accidental deletion and it was very successful.

2: Second-best option is to download Rescue Undelete from the URL below. This is a freeware undelete utility which has had good reviews, but I have never used it myself.

The problem here might be that you have to boot up your computer to download and save it. I would recommend that you do this on a different computer and RTFM carefully before you attempt to find your file.

This program has an emergency undelete function which will fit on a floppy but you will have to find out how to use it first. I don't think the floppy is bootable but then again it might be. Alternatively it might work from a DOS prompt but again, I don't know.

If you are lucky somebody who has used this program will respond with some further advice.


If you do nothing, or keep on using your computer you can kiss your file goodbye.

Finally, are you sure it has been deleted? If it doesn't turn up in your Recycle Bin it may still be present. perhaps lil bro just renamed it. Next step: password protect your computer!


Billy 8-{)

09-07-2002, 08:12 PM

Thx man


Susan B
09-07-2002, 11:43 PM
Hiya Billy!

D'you reckon that should be in the FAQs?

I do. ;-)

10-07-2002, 03:35 AM
Had a very good experience with Powerquest Lost&Found software. Recovered a lot of big files on a partition that has been fdisked and reformatted.

10-07-2002, 01:24 PM
i use GoBack so anything is recoverable on my Pc back about 2 days also it enables me to tweak and install new softwar4e had to rewind my PC back in time about 40 times so far in 2 months works 98% of the time , now that i gave up Norton 2002 speed disk and use Diskeeper defragging program great to be able to recover from a disastrous crash or installation like explorer 6 I dont even bother uninstalling these days its easier and more efficient to reset my system as iot was an hour ago just put in a 40 gig HDD so use that as a storage area with out goback installed on it .

Billy T
10-07-2002, 05:37 PM
Hi Susan

Yes, and it's on my list to do when I get some time but it needs fleshing out a bit and I have to have a play with the freeware program to make the advice a bit clearer.

I will also expand the Norton procedure as IMHO an FAQ needs to be complete, clear and concise, a combination not always easy to achieve when writing about PCs. I'm thinking about doing one for Ghost imaging as well.

BTW, I've been trying to search for some of my earlier epistles on various subjects but can't find them. Is there a trick to getting Press F1 to cough up the goods. As an example, I searched for my previous post on rescue and undeleting but it was not found.


Billy 8-{) :D :D

Susan B
10-07-2002, 05:53 PM
Sounds good Billy, a lot of people will appreciate it. :-)

Do you tell the search engine to limit the dates for what you are looking for? It gets pretty messy if you don't, particularly if the post was fairly recent.

How far back do the posts you're looking for go - old forum or new?

Billy T
10-07-2002, 10:17 PM
Some new, some old Susan.

Usually I am looking for word I know I would have used or a fault/file name.

I did have success tonight with a very recent one though. :D


Billy 8-{)

PS Still too busy to infest Press F1 properly at the moment. :(