View Full Version : Modem connects once!

09-07-2002, 10:51 AM
I have installed a Dynalink 1456 VQH R3 internal modem in my Athlon 1800 / Iwill X133-Raid Mobo / Win 98SE. I can access the internet ONCE, using it as long as I like but for any subsequent connection the "handshake" tone changes to a series of steady high pitched sounds going up and down a scale with out the ususal gurgle and shhh sounds. Everything locks up until the dial up has timed out. If I run the Diagnose option under Control Panel /Modems, the port is not found (it is okay the first time). I have run MSCONFIG and disabled everything but the bare essentials as a windows only system with no result. The general fix is to delete the modem driver from the Control Panel/System app and reboot letting 'Plug-n-play' set it up again. This is a tedious operation to check my emails. I am reluctant to introduce a red herring but I have also tried a Dynalink R1 modem but that one doesn't even get detected! Both modems work in other systems. I have no other modems to try! Can anyone help please?