View Full Version : Win 98 SE Slow Shutdowns

03-08-1999, 01:35 PM
I have a slow shutdown problem at the moment which is particularly frustrating, and seems to have started since installing the Windows 98 SE update over my previous Windows 98 installation.
When I shut down, the screen is replaced by the Windows 98 Shutting Down logo screen, then I observe my second CD-ROM drive (Secondary Port ? Slave) trying to access for 5 retries, then the screen blanks out and the CD-ROM makes a further 5 attempts before the system powers down.
I have pretty much isolated the problem to the O/S trying to access the CD-ROM because when the CD-ROM drive is disconnected, or tray open, or tray closed with a CD, the system powers down straight away.
My first CD-ROM drive is a new HP 8200I CD-RW drive as the master on the secondary port, and it is not accessed at all during the power down sequence.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to isolate what is trying to access the CD-ROM Drive?