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07-07-2002, 09:13 PM
i read in the pc company flyer that the celeron 1.8 mhz cpu is the equivalent of a p4 1.7 mhz cpu. so lets say for example that 2 pc's with same amount of ram and type of ram same m/board etc, same type of cdwriter etc tical in evryway except that one has the celeron 1.8 and the other has a p41.7. would the performance be exactly the same for both?. eg, rendering a wav file to mp3 would take the same time on both pc's, to do..goin by what the pc company flyer said. cos id like to upgrade to a new pc, not necessarily from the pc company..but i was interested in their flyers comments.. i know the only difference bw the two is that the p4 has a higher cache memory than the celeron, which in the theory means that a celeron 1.8 would roughly be the same as a p4 1.7 in terms of performance?.. please help aye so i can figure a budget!..but i still want the performance..went to toms harware website..but koodnt find anything that matches a celeron agenst a p4..eg..a higher mhz celeron vs a lower mhz p4..help help help..can someone break it down for me..

thanks !

Sam H
07-07-2002, 09:37 PM
Hard to say, in my opinion the difference would be so minimal it wouldn't matter any way.

If you have the money then go with the P4.

07-07-2002, 09:50 PM
P4 would out perform celeron for sure. P4 has more instruction codes than celeron hence the price. Same goes for duron vs athlon or xp. If I were you, i'd save my money for amd xp.

07-07-2002, 10:11 PM
Well first of all I think you mean GHz as opposed to Mhz.

The P4 would definitely perform better than the celeron. Although this will depend on what is being done.

But if you really want performance I'd stay away from a Celeron (or Duron for that matter). The PC Company hmmm, I'd avoid their stuff as a general rule if you have any kind of knowledge about computers.

The AMD Athlon XP1800+ would be my pick of good value processors at the moment.

There are many other alternatives if you are not willing to build the computer yourself or don't know of anyone that can for you.

Unleash Computers (http://www.unleash.co.nz)
StylesPC (http://www.stylespc.com)

hmmm I good go on for ages, why not just grab John C's list from here (http://www.details.co.nz/suppliers).

08-07-2002, 12:51 AM
Yep, agreed with JM.

Build your own computer is much better. You can pick any parts you want and it's cheaper than buying company build pcs. A lot of people says it's more expensive, but it's because they pick expensive parts. LOL.
In my opinion though it's cheaper. You don't have to pay for the labour and the other crap that they added to your bill. The software part is another story, but you'll never get a copy of OS on cd anyway. Plus it's very hard to upgrade those company pcs in the future. They usually put in a bunch of crap together in a pc that most of the time aren't compatible with each other (like pc company). You'll save yourself a lot of time having to go thru all that problem. I know 3 of my friends aren't happy with computers they bought from pc company.

At the moment P4 is outperforming AMD XP in terms of internet application, movie and sound editing. If you have the buks then you could go with P4. But again I reckon it's not worth the money, rather go with AMD XP 1800+. Mind you 1800+ outperforms P4 2GHZ in some apps.

08-07-2002, 01:02 AM
LoL, Nobody actually believes those PC Company flyers,do they!

To answer your question ,no they would not have the same performance.
The Celeron only has 128kb l2 cache and are often stuck on an sdram
platform rather than a ddr platform.
The new Northwood core P4 have 512kb L2 cache and some run on
a 533mhz FsB with the ddr ram running at 333mhz or 400mhz .
This faster platform makes all the difference for the P4 core.
Find someone that knows what he is doing and get them to build
you a custom system,for the best performance.

08-07-2002, 06:39 PM
thanks to evry1 thats replied..i can def say im a lot more informed!!! i dont think ive got the bucks to go with a p4..but obviously the amd xp 1800+ looks a good bet..

cheers folks

pls...id like more people to put on their suggestions for a good cpu to buy

10-07-2002, 10:10 AM
If you spend a certain amount of $$ on an 1800XP, a P4 for the same price would basically shrivel up and die in comparison. Basically with AMD you get more bang for your buck:)

Brendon ;/
We have an AMD Athlon 4 1600XP+ @ 1404.74mhz, 512mb SDRAM 40GB 7,200rpm HDD 64mb GeForce 2 MX 400 AGP graphics card.:) o and a 17" AOC Monitor.