View Full Version : xp333 & cmi8738 sound problem?

06-07-2002, 05:05 PM
I have an intermittent sound?? problem with the following - xp333 mb + cmi8738 sound, 128mb DDR, gforce2 mx400, win98se, direct connect to 2nd pc using Realtek ethernet NIC. Mb & sound drivers are up to date, as is bios. All parts connected & seated ok.

QCD3 player on attempting to load will fail to run. No error, just nothing happens but is listed as running in task list. Sometimes will give a winmm.dll & cddb error but not always. Sometimes will run ok after reboot but not always. (MS Media Player 7.1 completely unaffected regardless of above)

FS2000 same thing, listed as running in task list but nothing on screen, no errors given. Has run ok on many other occasions. Also various other (generally graphics or sound intensive) games have hung with no error message on attempting to run.

Any suggestions welcomed