View Full Version : Internet Connection Sharing

02-08-1999, 12:45 PM
I am trying to set up Internet Connection Sharing between two PCs, the host running Win 98SE the other Win 98. The two machines are networked successfully using TCP/IP, but despite following all Microsoft's instructions on their website troubleshooter (which incidentally appears to have the yes/no branches reversed at one point!), I can't get the client to access the net. I can ping between the two machines, but if I try to ping IHUG(say) from the client, all I get is a timeout message. At one point I was getting 'Host unreachable', which makes me think that I must be nearly there now, but I have run out of ideas. The first obvious question is - does the client have to be running Win98SE for it all to work? The MS website doesn't say so, but I notice that there is no mention of Internet connection sharing in the Win98 machine's 'Add/Remove programs/Windows Setup' panel.
As usual, MS has managed to provoke the aaarrgh! response - please help!