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mum in learning
04-07-2002, 06:39 PM
hi guys & gals,

Downloaded new drivers for my lucent win modem (don't moan).
Now the connection is marginaly slower.
Used to connect at 46 - 50000bps regularly.
After install of new drivers, only connect at 36 - 46 bps.

Have I done something wrong. ie downloaded an older driver?

Can I go back to the previous driver?

Running ME.

Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated.

(Don't tell me to trash it, can't afford to replace it)


p.s. This site is the bestest.


04-07-2002, 09:04 PM
don't get too hung up on connect speeds, what is your data speed like?

Sometimes a lower connect speed can give a higher data transfer as there are less errors. Everytime a data "packet" is corrupted it has to be re-sent. This causes lower transfer speed.

I don't think ME allows driver "rollback" like XP does, so you would need to search the web for another driver and install it.

But, if your speed of downloading web pages has not dropped then why bother? Maybe the driver is designed for reliability?