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04-07-2002, 05:31 PM
Having been afflicted with 150mm of muddy water through my desktop (the CPU box unfortunately being on the floor rather than the desk!) in the recent Thames flood I now have a perfectly useable hard drive which luckily happened to be a little higher than the flood level. Somewhere in NZ PC World over the last year or so I've seen reference to self-powered cradles into which such a drive can be inserted; The assembly is then plugged into a USB &/or parallel port, enabling the drive to be recognised by the OS (in my case Win98 and 2000) and used as a transportable backup device.

I'd greatly appreciate references to places where I can make enquiries (preferably by e-mail) about purchasing such a device. Or is there anyone out there who has one which is surplus to requirements?

04-07-2002, 05:48 PM
Dick Smith (www.dse.co.nz) have an external USB case that can take an IDE device, have a look for Catalogue XH6900, $129
Never tried it, know nothing about it but it sounds like what you want

Poppa John
04-07-2002, 08:41 PM
To take this Topic a step further. By the end of the year I hope to have changed my "C" drive from 20gb to 60gb,7300rpm. If the 20gb was reformatted to/as an Empty Disk, could I use it to back up the System into an External device. I assume the Data would have to be Zipped smaller. How much "squashed" data is likely to fit on a 20gb drive?
Curious Poppa John :-)

04-07-2002, 08:54 PM
Your "data" consists of - what -??

A complete install of windows 98 and all normal apps will fit in 1 - 1.5 GB including a lot of uneccessary files. (actually think official figure is 0.3 GB?)

So the question is, what will you use the other 18+ GB for, and why are you needing a 60 GB HDD???

If you are a serious music fan, or digital photography fan then you will certainly fill up any drive.

Just what ARE you collecting Poppa John....we are listening! :O

And yes it would work but again what amount of data you are going to store dictates whether you need to zip it.

Poppa John
04-07-2002, 09:07 PM
Data. Just a complete "Backup" really, say once a month? The 20gb, 5200rpm drive is Formatted to 16.2gb, XP, 128ram. 1400Athlon. It is carrying 12.04gb at the moment. Leaving about 4gb free. So the idea is to get a faster 7200 drive with the biggest gb I can afford when the time comes, I also want to increase the Ram, to 512 perhaps? That should then be the end of my upgrading & should see me thro my"three score years & ten". And yes, there is a lot of Classical (real) music in the Tin Box that I listen to whilst I potter (or is that totter) around. Poppa John

04-07-2002, 09:23 PM
Ahhh real music! Well done.
Not that head banging stuff one hears today....(I listen to the Concert Program)

Be aware you cant just "back-up" applications by copying all files. In the event you had to re-load after a re-format the programs have to be re-installed from their CD so they populate the Registry correctly.

You would be best to get some drive imaging software that will allow you to take an "image" of everything and subsequently restore it to the condition when copied.

Dont think there is any free stuff though. Also unaware if they will work via usb, but assume so.

I simply fitted a second HDD in each PC and copy over all the changed data files at the end of each day, takes a few seconds. No good if someone steals the PC of course.

Someone else will have the info I am sure

Well, must away and tune my Gulbransen full console radio in to the National Programme and relax!

Poppa John
04-07-2002, 09:56 PM
Goddie, isn't your para 5 just what I am asking, except the 20gb would be external & can be unplugged & hidden away?? Poppa John ?:|

04-07-2002, 10:05 PM
Yes, but I do not do a backup of my "system" as you wanted, just all the files I have created that have changed that day (Word,Excel,MYOB data,incoming email attachments etc). No programs are backed up as I have all original CDs to re-install with if I need to

I dont copy any more than about 0.2 GB probably, and much less per day.

For permanent backups I write to CD (just finished one now)

I lost my HDD (failed controller) in March, but never lost much as I back up regularly.

I can also backup to another PC over the network, to "cross backup" between PCs, but they are not always all turned on