View Full Version : Fresh Netscape 4.51 crashing with win95C

31-07-1999, 12:06 AM
I have freshly installed win95C and netscape 4.51. After uninstalling IE4.0. When I did this in win95A it worked like a dream.

When I do this in win95C I get crashes. Such as, when I check mail using Netscape Messenger it 90% ask me for my password I type in it then blue screen comes and says 'it may be possible to continue' which turns out I still have modem connection but its dead such as can't go to other pages. Other times this happens in the browser where a similar screen pops up whcih does the same thing or even worst one pops up and say 'press any key to terminate this program'.

In any of the above case I close netscape and relaunch it, it just says 'press any key to terminate this program' straight after being reloaded.
Thus the only solution I have is to reboot my computer everytime this happens. Thus its very frustrating having not able to check mail with my dedicated email program but have to surf to www.mailstart.com everytime to check my own mail.

Being not a IE fan do you think I have no option but to switch to IE5.0?!!

I have already tried defrag, scandisk and virus scanner and thus there is no hardware conflicts.