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01-07-2002, 12:34 PM
Hi guys, got a small snag. On trying to install the old Bitware Fax sender, I got the dreaded blue screen at the "detecting modem" stage. Working backwards to the "modem" screen in "settings", the "modem diagnose" also crashes to the blue screen. I've probably got a corrupted diagnosis routine, but which programme (s) is it?? "Faultlog.txt" doesn't register the fault. PII 333Mhz running Win98SE.
PEE ESS - why isn't the MS Fax programme that was on W95 no longer available - what files are necessary from the W95 CD to make it run??
Thanks for your anticipated help.

01-07-2002, 01:48 PM
This relates to the W95 Fax program, from

The order in which you install Microsoft Fax depends on your version of Windows and the version of Exchange, Windows Messaging or Microsoft Outlook.
For Windows 98:

You must first install Windows Messaging, unless you are planning to use Microsoft Fax with Outlook 2000 :

Look in the \Tools\Oldwin95\Message folder, in the \Intl or \Us subfolder (as appropriate), for the file Wms.exe. Run this program.
After installing Windows Messaging, in the \Tools\Oldwin95\Message folder, in the \Intl or \Us subfolder (as appropriate), locate the file Awfax.exe. Run this program to install the Microsoft Fax components. Follow the suggested installation order for your mail client: