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29-07-1999, 10:56 PM
I've just got a new system and I've been reloading a heap of software including a full install of MS Publisher '97 with all clipart. When I go to Insert Clipart from Clip Gallery I get the message that 'the file *.* is stored on the disc Microsoft Publisher - Insert disc'
The clipart folder is there when I look in file manager but only 2753 files (out of a total of 4796) are displayed after the error message 'Unable to read entire directory -only partial file will be displayed'.
When I go to 'Look elswhere' in in MS Gallery, then to 'Update Location' the window doesn't display the clipart folder (It doesn't display in Windows Explorer either) How can I force windows or exlorer to recognise the clipart folder so that I can update the location of the files?
Clip Gallery seems to find the files when I create another directory (clip2) and move files into it but this seems clumsy and I'm not sure that Clip Gallery will retain the categories data if I move a large number of files into the second directory. I'd like to retain the sort because it makes it easier to find clips.