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30-06-2002, 11:32 PM
Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder when browser is closed

Whats peoples opinions on using this option? If we are always deleting temp internet files anyway wouldn't this be easier? (As talked about in this forum regularly) Or would it cause probs with cookies or something?
Any pros and cons would be greatfully accepted!
Heres a snippet from something i read:

The latest versions of internet explorer include some great new security improvements. For this tweak I will talk about the feature that clear the temporary internet files each time you close internet explorer. This is a very useful feature since it saves disk space and also keeps the websites that you downloaded private. Lets say that you were doing some online banking. All of the HTML files would be downloaded to the temp internet files by default. Someone with few computer skills can then copy those files out of that directory and view them. That is why it is good to have those files cleared automatically.

Susan B
01-07-2002, 06:02 PM
Emptying the temp internet files folder when the browser is closed is probably not a big deal unless you want to hide your browsing habits from other people. You would also need to delete your History files as well otherwise people will still see where you've been.

If you're not concerned about hiding your surfing habits it is still a good idea to keep the temp internet files folder size as small as you feel comfortable with as the more files there are the slower your browser responds. Personally, I've got my settings on 15MB but that's probably way too small for other people. My History is set to just 1 day.

The settings have nothing to do with cookies stored on your hard drive, they stay there until you delete them yourself. Per session cookies would be deleted though, I think.

It's mainly the graphics files that are static on pages you visit regularly. If you use Press F1 for an example, the pages and graphics are held in the temp files folder after a visit and although your browser has to fetch a new copy of a changed page it doesn't have to redownload the graphics because they are already in your temp files folder. The page should then load quicker than if the graphics were downloaded as well.

But then, if you cleared your temp files folder when closing your browser, as soon as you have downloaded and viewed the first page of your Press F1 browsing session the graphics are back again so it's only that first page that should be the slowest. Other sites with more graphics would be a different story though.

It's six of one and half a dozen of the other - take your pick! :D

01-07-2002, 09:28 PM
Susan found this posting further up that Bruce had advised on and i missed - i always presumed cookies were stored in the temp i.e files - well in xp they appear under there anyway and History too i think?! As Bruce and Mark are talking about Opera do you think this will still apply - i.e if my cookies are stored in temp I.E files and get deleted/emptied on closing - i would have the auto logon PressF1 prob? (which i definately don't want F1 is running smooth as for me at the mo and would like to keep it that way!) Or is there a totally different cookie setting along the same lines like in opera?
Actually it wasn't really a security issue i was thinking of, i was just remembering all the posts of Robos on the build up of temp internet files and how fast they mount and thought the option of empty was like delete? Am i right there?

Posting from above about opera:

What are your cookie settings in Opera - are you using the "through away new cookies on exit" setting? That would probably stop you logging in automatically, since it uses the cookie to do the auto login.

Posted by: mark c Posts: 39 / From: Rawene Hokianga / Registered: Jun, 2002
I have Opera 6.01. I have 'all cookies' enabled for a session and delete e'thing at the end. Hope this helps

Posted by: Bruce Buckman Posts: 67 / From: A new location ... / Registered: Jun, 2002
Mark - by deleting all cookies at the end, you prevent the auto login, since it is the existing cookie that lets you log in. Without it, you have to log in again for the cookie to be set.

Thanks for the input Susan - i will ponder this now :D

Susan B
01-07-2002, 10:21 PM
I just did an experiment just for you. :-)

I went to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Internet Options>General. In the Temporary Internet Files section I clicked on Settings>View Files and made note of the contents, which were temp internet files and my cookies.

Next I went back and clicked on Delete Files then had another look to see if anything was remaining. The temp internet files were all gone but the cookies were still there, just as I expected them to be.

When I saw Bruce and Mark's posts last week I was wondering about that too but it sounds a bit different to temp internet files. They were referring to an actual cookie deleter in Opera, not the temp files. If I want to remove my cookies I have to select them and delete them that way.

I am using IE 5.5 though, so I'm not sure if IE 6.0 works that way as well. If it does delete the cookies it just means that next time you'll have to log on to Press F1 and accept another cookie, that's all. After that it should be automatic, once you have a new cookie.

01-07-2002, 11:30 PM
;-) ;-) :-) Thanks for that test Susan - i can't do much as, X-( as per usual my PressF1 surfing on our XP machine has been out voted by the ( ]:) ) male game player of the house, who needs that computer to play games - so i am left with the slow win 95 laptop which is rather annoying at times especially when i get a tip to try or want to instruct somebody on a query - but as i was just saying to the other half i am just as addicted to F1 as he is to his Games !! I do :x him though!!

Thanks again Susan - boy i have had you on the go these last few days eh!! ;\ :D as always i appreciate the input!!