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John H
29-06-2002, 11:05 AM
Hi folks

Windows XP Pro/Office XP Pro/HP Laserjet 2100. 32Mb RAM, 600Mhz AMD Duron processor.

I installed a Maori font family - Times New Roman Maori - it places the macron over long vowels. I was a dipstick and accidentally erased the install programme, and now I can't find out where I got it, so can't go there for advice.

The first document I made showed the correct fonts on screen, but my HP Printer 2100 will not print a doc in that font beyond page 1. The whole doc is in the same font, but the first macron does not appear until page 2, and this is possibly the issue.

The printer prints a second page that reads the typical "useful" (not) error message:

PCL XL Error
Subsystem: Kernel
Error: IllegalOperatorSequence
Operator: EndPage
Position: 1358

The latter number has sometimes been 733 in my various attempts to get the doc to print.

If I change the doc to a different font, it prints OK.

I have checked HP FontSmart, and it is showing the Maori font as properly installed in Windows.

Do any of you experts out there have some ideas about a way around this?

Thank you.


29-06-2002, 11:17 AM
There are 2 drivers for the 2100, PCL and the standard driver.
Which one are you using?
Perhaps you need the PCL one for the font to work and your driver is the default one? Or vice-versa?

You will find the site that the font came from by doing a search on www.google.co.nz, using "maori font" as the search words

John H
29-06-2002, 02:56 PM
Thank you godfather, you solved the problem. The answer was vice versa. I only had the PCL6 driver installed. Installed the regular driver, and voila, the pages printed fine.

Isn't this website wonderful for dipsticks like me?