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28-06-2002, 11:28 PM
Hi guys,

Just upgraded to XP, and after meticulously going through and backing up all my important files, including email etc..... I don't know how to transfer the Outlook Express folder I copied from my previous 98SE O/S to the XP Outlook Express setup......

Anybody got any ideas? I have the folder loacated under all users in 98SE, which had a whole lot of letters and numbers when you delved lower......

Thanks heaps.

Craig. :D

29-06-2002, 01:55 AM
Hi Craig,

I think if I remember right, open OE, click file, import, and away you go. You will need to browse to where you have saved your backup.


Chris Wilson
29-06-2002, 11:14 AM
if you happen to have a copy of internet magazine from a few months back, there is an excellant 3 page explanation on how to do this.
M$ do not make the process easy, infact, having done it a few times have now decided that i cant be bothered with the entire process, and generally only bother with the message store, and the address book

For the adress book, go to file > export and follow the wizard
If you export a comma seperated whatever it is, you will atleast have a backup you will be able to refer to.

For the message store, it sounds like you are on the right track.
If you go to tools > options > maintenance > storefolder you will find the default location of a folder with {a-really-longwinded-name-with-nothing-but-random-looking-charictors}. This folder is where all your messages are stored, it will be full of .dbx folders

What you must do is copy this somewhere more sensable in your new computer, Preferably D:\myemailstores\me or something to that effect.
I deliberatly typed D:\ the reason for this is so when you reformat, you will not lose this file, or if you happen to be as unfortunate to lose C: alltogether (as happened to me a few months back), you will still have this, and will be able to rebuild the address book etc. If you have but one HD, and it is not partitioned, you will obviously have to take yer chances, and use "C" as the message store location.
when you fire up your new computer, go to tools > options > maintenance > storefolder again, and select "change folder". Go to whever you have placed your old message store folder. You will get a warning that there appears to be a email store in the new location (duh!!!) select "yes" to use this folder anyway, "No" will overwrite it... BAD!!!!

the message rules can moved too, as with account, passwords etc, but the processes are such a pain, that i personally think that it it easyer to just start a new blocksenders list, and remind outlook where your email is picked up from manually.

Hope this helps

29-06-2002, 03:14 PM
Thanks Chris....

I was on the right track, but had to do one vital thing.......show all folders and files. It looks like XP hides the folder with all it's other hidden files etc. So a simple check on an option and I'm away laughing.

Thanks for your help.

C. :D