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28-06-2002, 10:23 PM
i can't seem to get rid of the pesky folder options widow (like the options that are on the left of a window when you open a folder) on my desktop, i turned my PC on the other day and it appeared, i can remove it from the folder window through view/folder options/use windows classic view but i can't find away to remove it from my desktop,... also i have just purchased spiderman the movie game but when i try to run it it says my video card must be TNL capable does any one know what this means and if i can find out what my video card (built in) is capable off.


28-06-2002, 10:37 PM

From the ATI site:

In some instances, when attempting to launch Spider-Man: The Movie, the game will display the warning message:

"You must have a TNL capable 3D card to play this game."

Spider-Man: The Movie requires a 3D graphics card that fully supports Hardware Transformation and Lighting (T&L).

With the exception of RADEON VE and RADEON 7000, all RADEON series products (RADEON, RADEON 7200, etc.) support this feature.

Products based on the RADEON VE/RADEON 7000 or earlier ATI graphics chipsets, such as the RAGE 128 PRO or RAGE 128, do not support Hardware T&L and can not be used with this game.

If you are using a graphics card which supports Hardware T&L, the warning message may occur for the following reasons:

Desktop Color Depth is set too low
Graphics hardware acceleration slider is not set to full

Norm X
01-11-2002, 04:05 PM
g'day, did you manage to get spiderman working???
I have come across the same problem and am wondering do u have to get a special card TNL to run it??

If so I will sell it in a garage sale haha.

17-03-2007, 06:01 PM
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