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27-06-2002, 07:52 PM
Does anyone know of an internet cafe in central AK, where you can download a file and they can burn it to cd for? I just hate d/l big files over my modem, I thought this may be an alternative ppl use? :)

29-06-2002, 01:17 PM
Firstly, though I've never actually used a cyber cafe's burning facilities I personally wouldn't use cyber cafe's for d/l'ing large files. Mainly because it would be cheaper doing this at home with one's current ISP, assuming the type of account you have is all you can eat (d/l) at one price. I have a 56k connection and do on occassion d/l large files. I just simply grin (a forcible grin) and bear it.

But of course that wasn't the question you asked so therefore I'll give you possible places to go:

* Cyber City Internet Cafe
29 Victoria St E AkCen

$3 to burn to CD - excludes price of blank CD (approx $7)

* Cyber Max Internet Cafe
Level 1 291 - 297 Queen St AkCen

$7 to burn to CD - excludes price of blank CD.

If you decide to use cyber cafes I would advise taking with you a blank CD .. you can buy them relatively cheaper than purchasing them at these cafes. I also must mention that I have not used these cafes so would not know what the service/competence would be like. I merely know they offer burning to CD service.