View Full Version : Iomega USB Zip drive start-up

26-07-1999, 11:20 AM
On Win 98 start-up the USB Ziup is not recognised. It does not appear in Device Manager or Windows Explorer. By switching the Zip power off then on or by disconnecting the lead from the computer then reconnecting the Zip is recognised and operates normallt as drive 'F'.
The Zip operated correctly when first installed (after I upgraded from Win 95 to Win 98} till I reinstalled the Win 98 upgrade in an effort to deal with an attachment problem in Outlook Express.
Reinstalling Outlook Express had had no effect but the problem disappeared by loading IE 5 upgrade.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the CD software for the Zip was ineffective in dealing with the Zip problem.
Norton Antivirus reports no virus present.
The Zip problem is not particularly troublesome but it is very puzzling.
Your comments would be greatly appreciated.............Archie.