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Chao is back
25-06-2002, 08:49 PM

I am currently using a PC with:
500 mhz processor
256 mb SDRAM
TNT 2 M64 Pro 32 mb graphics card
Teac 8x Cdwriter connected to a SCSI card
50x CD Rom Drive
Floppy Drive
On startup after during the screen where the Windows Xp logo is displayed after the preparing to startup screen, sometimes a error message saying:
Windows did not start to prevent damage done to your hard drive.
And then I have to restart to get the computer to startup this sometimes happens 4 times in a row.
Can anyone help me with this?
is this a virus or hardware problem?
thx for any help

Tristan Speak
25-06-2002, 09:31 PM
Reading through the information about this problem on the internet there seems to be a range of causes. Apparently the VIA chipset is very susceptible to this problem. Compaq also have a patch out for some of their machines. Microsoft has a article on Unmontable boot volumes under Windows XP (similar sort of error message to what you have reported).


Two suggested solutions were:

1. If your computer uses a UDMA hard disk controller, you should replace the 40-wire cable with an 80-wire UDMA cable. Then in the BIOS settings for your computer, load the 'Fail-Safe' default settings, and then reactivate the most frequently used options such as USB Support.

2. Damaged File System. Restart the computer to the Recovery Console, and then use the chkdsk /r command to repair the volume.