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23-06-2002, 11:41 PM
There is just nothing of real worth around today, everyone must be having the week-end off, so my apologies for such a small update. On with the show.

To start the day off, this has to be one of the funniest parodies I have seen for quite a long time. Detonate has re-done the Matrix with their own "voice-over". It may a while to get through but it is well worth it. Check out the screenie below for a sample. Read it here (http://www.detonate.net/matrixse/).

Soltek has released a BIOS update for their Intel 845G motherboards the SL-95MIR, that will allow for an overclocked FSB of 200MHz, while maintaining an AGP clock of 66MHz and PCI clock of 33MHz. What this means under the Quad pumped rule of the P4 is that it can run to an FSB of 800Mhz. You can download the update here (http://www2.tweaktown.com/files/S85mil13.rom) if you have one of these boards.

From the House Of Dump, another useful program to download. This one is called Active SMART Monitor and it is a full-featured failure-prediction agent for machines using Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000 and XP. The program sits in the system tray and monitors hard disks and alerts you to impending failure. Active Smart uses the technology by the same name that most new HD's incorporate these days. A host of alerting features include email, local pop-up messages, net messages, and event logging, while using no system resources. If you want to know if your drive is going to fail before it happens then I think this is a must have. Grab it here (http://www.panterasoft.com/asmon.exe).

Everyone has seen at least one of the many articles for the new Matrox Parhelia, both on the net and in print and no doubt you would have also seen the funky monitor they use and thought what is it and where can I get it ? Well wonder no more. The monitor is the Panoram PV230DSK for the professional consumer market, providing 2.4 Megapixels of working real-estate featuring a fully articulated swing arm and Digital Direct DVI inputs. The three image-panels feature a separation of only 7/16" (11 mm), making it easy to expand information like spreadsheets, schedules, or images across any or all three screens without any detrimental visual breaks. For working flexibility in a multimedia world, the Panoram PV230 DSK accommodates RGB and DVI computer sources as well as Composite and S-video inputs. You can visit the company's Homepage for more info (http://www.panoramtech.com/products/pv230.html) .

If you want see some screenshots of the new maps in the upcoming Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix patch, Evil Avatar has posted them up. The shots are from the four new multiplayer maps that will be in the patch: Kamchatka Factory, Airport Warehouse, Hong Kong Streets and Barn and can be viewed here (http://www.evilavatar.com/redirected.asp?fromurl=http%3A//www.evilavatar.com/EA/News/Screenshots/M39020/).

A couple of guys in the US have developed a new wireless broadband called EtherLinx. What makes this new development so special is that it was done in a garage not six blocks from the one where Apple Computer got its start and it tweaks wireless fidelity to extend its range from feet to up to a range of 50 miles at high speeds. The data transfer rate has been successfully tested at 10 Mbps, but when it reaches the market it will offer only 2 Mbps. Damn fast for a wireless system. You can read more over at TechTV (http://www.techtv.com/news/internet/story/0,24195,3389078,00.html).

Sierra and Garage Games have released a new Beta patch for Tribes 2. There's no word on changes but you download the patch from the following links:

- si_tribes2_beta_24834-25005.exe (http://ftp1.sierra.com/patches/pc/si_tribes2_beta_24834-25005.exe) Requires version (most current patched version) of Tribes 2 to be installed first.

- si_tribes2_beta_21570-25005.exe (http://ftp1.sierra.com/patches/pc/si_tribes2_beta_24834-25005.exe) -- Updated June 21
To patch from the initial CD version of Tribes 2.

Toms Hardware <http://www4.tomshardware.com> has posted an article titled Mysteries Of The CDRW and Back Ups Revealed, a story that takes four CD-CDRW drive technology has been written about extensively elsewhere on the Internet. We decided to examine in more detail the process of making a back up copy of some of the more challenging current game and audio titles. Software publishers are supposed to follow published standards to which the data and audio CDs must adhere, given that it should be possible to back up almost any data CD using a typical CDRW drive, at least in theory. However, read on to find out what we discovered.
Read the rest here (http://www4.tomshardware.com/storage/02q2/020617/index.html).